1. Users still have access to all Popmoney® functionality via tab navigation.

2. Simplify the user’s money movement experience with options to Send Money to or Split an Expense with (Request money from) individuals via the Popmoney integrative design.

3. Logo identifies the payee and helps build confidence that the intended user is being paid.

4. Feature Ribbon: Bringing often requested but underutilized services to the forefront, such as setting up or reviewing reminders, setting up or reviewing automatic payments; or signing up for or reviewing e-bill details.

5. Users can choose electronic or paper checks when sending a person-to-person payment.

6. Users can send money via Popmoney using a recipient’s email address, mobile number or bank account number.

7. Allow easy Popmoney activation for non-registered users.

8. Users can send a check via a mailing address with the option to send a notification email.