Reduce expenses and improve control of cash points, such as branches, vaults, ATMs and smart safes, using a platform that helps you forecast currency levels, monitor self-service devices, track and reconcile shipment and deliveries, and analyze profitability. Intelligent cash and device management solutions help simplify the management of currency and other value-based assets for financial institutions, retailers and service providers.

Supplying cash, cash handling and managing self-service devices can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive. With growing reliance on self-service devices, it's critical to provide 24/7 device access and availability. Our solutions help you meet consumer expectations for fast and convenient service while reducing cost and improving availability of devices.

Handling cash is often manual, time-intensive, risky and difficult to reconcile for merchants. Remote cash capture using smart safe or recycling technology is the answer. By automating much of the cash handling process at the store level, merchants can reduce risk and enhance overall cash operations efficiency. Our solutions provide a single platform to assist in placing change orders online, connecting to smart safe or recycler systems, automating provisional credit postings, and getting broader visibility of cash transactions by cashier for each of your stores and locations.

As branches evolve, new technology and self-service options are emerging to streamline teller transactions and transform the way you interact with accountholders. Whether you're opening a branch, remodeling or simply optimizing existing branch networks, Fiserv offers certified and integrated advanced self-service and cash automation solutions to drive your branch transformation initiatives to new levels of productivity, cost-control and convenience for consumers.