Fraud Program Best Practices Self-Assessment

Fighting financial fraud is an ongoing battle for financial institutions, merchants and consumers. With the increase in digital interactions, it’s even more critical to implement a multi-faceted approach that helps combat fraud across key areas of your debit network.


Take the Fraud Program Best Practices Self-Assessment below to see how your financial institution scores in these important categories and review the recommended best practices from our team of experts.

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A multi-faceted approach is key

Fiserv is committed to the ongoing battle against debit card fraud. Through a suite of network integrity and fraud mitigation solutions, we provide debit card issuers, their clients, and partners with increased security across point of-sale (POS), PINless, eCommerce/card not present, ATM, funds transfer, and bill pay transactions.


Effective debit card fraud mitigation programs are typically multi-faceted. In addition to having a network-enabled component (e.g., Fraud Scoring), these programs often have Foundational, Fraud Strategy, and Cardholder Education & Empowerment-related components as well. Collectively, these components not only assist in reducing or preventing fraudulent transactions, but also help to enhance cardholder awareness, confidence, and satisfaction.

This self-assessment is intended to be used for informational purposes only, providing industry best practices. This self-assessment does not constitute legal or any other type of advice. No products, services or practices can eliminate all fraud. Fiserv makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information contained herein nor guarantees that no fraud will occur. ‚ÄčBest practices for your financial institution may vary based on your risk tolerance.