Easy, Secure Processing of Government Payments and Disbursements

Fiserv delivers some of the most robust payments and disbursements solutions available to government agencies – from prepaid cards for more than 10 million economic impact payments to processing $2.8 trillion in tax payments and enabling digital disbursement to mobile wallets.

Automating the Federal Paycheck Protection Program

Fiserv has provided technology support to Paycheck Protection Program lenders across the U.S. to streamline data collection and loan approval and to automate account reconciliation and forgiveness.

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We also joined with StreetShares to offer minority depository institutions the option to process forgiveness applications for minority-owned businesses using Atlas from Fiserv.

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High-Volume Student Loan Processing

We are a lender-neutral provider of student loan platform technology with an industry commitment including both private/refi and Federal/FFELP servicing. We support more than 1 billion accounts and process more transactions every day than any federal loan servicer does in a year.

Unmatched Scale

75% of all private U.S. student loans

19% of all FSA direct loans

50% of all legacy FFELP loans

(Source: Fiserv internal data)

Enabling Online Payments for Those Who Need It Most

Fiserv offers the only USDA-approved solution enabling grocers to accept Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) payments online through the USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Online Purchasing Pilot. Proprietary Fiserv technology enables online PIN solutions within grocers’ digital commerce environments.

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Making It Easier to Pay at the DMV

Several state departments of motor vehicles are making it easier for people to renew licenses and make payments.

  • In California, 180 DMVs use Clover, our secure, end-to-end, future-proof point-of-sale solution that expands payment acceptance capabilities at DMV locations.

  • In Arizona, we’ve expanded payment options, including self-service options to pay for driver’s license renewals.

  • In New York, we implemented digital in-person and online capabilities to decrease foot traffic and accelerate revenue generation during COVID. 

(Source: Fiserv internal data)